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Learn More About Trans Pro Transmission in Garland, TX

You won’t be going far with a transmission that fails to work properly. Though you didn’t ask for automotive issues, you have complete control over who services your vehicle. How about Trans Pro Transmission in Garland, TX?

When you need transmission repairs, it’s in your best interest to leave your needs in the hands of highly trained mechanics. More than a routine oil change or brake service, transmission work of any kind is integral to the overall performance of your vehicle. Get back behind the wheel of your car, truck or SUV with confidence when you bring your vehicle to the automotive specialists at Trans Pro.

Performing Specialized Automotive Repairs

For over 15 years, local drivers and dealerships have relied on our family owned and operated transmission repair shop for their most troubling automotive needs. We aren’t a general auto repair shop. Transmission is our namesake because we strictly perform repairs and replacements that pertain to this technical component and its related components.

Using advanced diagnostic tools and equipment, our skilled technicians will determine the mechanical issue at hand and will provide you with the most effective solution. From small-scale repairs to complete rebuilds, our experienced mechanics are prepared to do it all. Reach out to our team for a complete transmission diagnosis to determine the extent of your service needs and get your repairs underway as soon as possible.

Transmission Specialists Striving for Customer Service Excellence

At Trans Pro Transmission, we know the importance of putting our customers’ needs first. When you bring your vehicle into our specialty shop for a comprehensive inspection and electronic scan, there will never be any surprises. We’ll gladly provide you with a full list of recommended services and their prices.

We’re confident that no one will beat our prices, and that’s why our pricing and work are guaranteed. Rest assured that you’ll get everything that you expect when you trust our team with your repair needs. From transmission repairs to overhauls, we strive to earn our customers’ total satisfaction, no matter what task is on the agenda.

Contact us to schedule a diagnostic test for your vehicle. We proudly serve customers in Garland, Texas, and the surrounding areas.